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"Whoa, you taste different, baby! You been playin’ basketball in someone else’s hockey rink?”


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paragatenormal asked: Do you think bubbline will eventually become accepted enough for the creators to allow it's existence rather than cater to bigot viewers?



The creators have already made it.   It exists, intentionally.   (Check out this instagram post by the story boarder of Sky Witch. ) They simply have to be subtle about it because, like you said, they do have to cater to the bigoted portion of their viewership.

Adventure time will probably end before executives will feel comfortable having a female lead in a “kids’ show” be ultra overtly openly gay.   Our society has the unfortunate misconception that kids can’t handle knowing about people being gay.  

Why is this? Because the adults making these decisions can only think about gay people in a sexual context.  They can think about straight people without thinking about sex, but the thought of a gay person immediately makes them think of that person’s private time, and they cannot separate their thoughts from what they think their kids will think.  It is an unacknowledged and widely accepted double-standard.

 Despite my sexy fanart, I think the  ladies should not be depicted sexually in the show, but they should be depicted as having a crush, or being girlfriends.   Kids can handle PG romance just fine, no matter what the orientation.  With adventure time, we are allllmost there, and I’m hoping that the fandom’s support will be good step towards normalizing gay characters in cartoons. 

The best we can hope for is a continuation of the beautiful, subtle writing of the ladies and maybe, MAYBE, a word-of-god admission from one of the creators/writers that, ‘Yes, they were gay,” after the whole show is over.

Also, it would be nice if Ryan North would cut it out.  That’s a rant for another day, though.







Male Cruella De Vil is now finished (with Fur coat!) based on SakimiChans design.



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If ever you feel stupid, remember that one time my twin brother forgot my birthday.

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